Frequently Asked Questions:

Tips for caring for you new Chesapeake cozy cat tree

Tip 1: Always carry or move your tree by the POSTS. Never carry or move your tree by the beds or houses. The beds and houses where intended for your cat to play and rest not to support the weight of the tree. Doing this with help your tree to have a long life with lots of kitty pleasure.

Tip  2: You should inspect your tree for the safety of your kitty's making sure nothing is frayed, loose parts or sharp objects. Most importantly check to make sure there are no long carpet strings hanging. This is perfectly normal for the tree as kitty's will scratch and groom their nails on it as their natural instincts to do so in the wild. Simply use a pair of scissors to trim the loose string. DO NOT pull on the string just a simple snip and your done. Your kitty's with their keen eyesight  will find these from time to time and will want to play, bite or eat these. We want to make that happen as little as possible before it is ingested and to promote good kitty heath.

Tip  3:  Should your kitty have an accident on the tree treat it like you would the carpet in your home. Use very little amounts of soap and water on your tree. Just gently rub the spot to help remove the stain. Magic erasers work great for this just rub and dry before use. Always remember to use a pet and environmental friendly cleaner or soap for this to prevent your kitty from ingesting or breathing in harsh chemicals. Your kitty and vet will thank you for it.

Tip  4:  Removing kits hair is a snap with a few short tips. Simply go to a dollar store near you and get a ladies hair brush with fine bristles on it. If possible simply cut the handle off it and groom the tree. Removing the handle makes it easier to get in tight places. This will remove 90 percent of the old hair. Then vacuum the loose kitty hair away and presto a new looking tree.


Returns must be made within 7 days from the date of purchase with proper receipt and delivered to Chesapeake Cozy Cat. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee at the discretion of the Chesapeake Cozy Cat staff. The return must be in brand new resalable condition. No hair, no scratches, no odors or damage of any kind. Chesapeake Cozy Cat at its discretion may deny any return of the product for any of the above-mentioned circumstances. All sales are final on cat toys, absolutely no returns on cat toys of any kind. 


All products (excluding cat toys) have a 90-day warranty to be free from structural manufacture defects. Such items will be repaired or replaced by Chesapeake Cozy Cat at their discretion. This warranty does not cover normal wear items on the product such as carpet, sisal rope, Sisal carpet and toys. Misuse of the product will void all warranties in its entirety. Customer is responsible for delivery and pick up of the product that needs warranty work completed by Chesapeake Cozy Cat.